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Broom and dustpan set, upright broom and dustpan comb


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    • Strong Adsorption Capacity: Broom bristles are moderately hard and soft, made of high-quality PP material, can effectively collect dust, dirt and hair, and will not be easily deformed and damaged use. It helps you to clean more easily and is very suitable for long-term use.
    • 180°Rotating Broom Head: The broom head can be rotated 180°, and it can easily reach a series of places that are usually difficult to clean, such as the bottom of the bed, the bottom of the sofa, and the bottom of the cabinet, helping you to clean your room in all directions, don't worry about omission of dirt.
    • Large Capacity Upright Stand Up Dustpan: The dustpan with an internal length of nearly 10 inches wide can hold a lot of trash. You don't need to take out the trash repeatedly, so you can store dust, dirt and hair in the entire room at once. The broom can be fixed on the handle of the dustpan, and the vertical design allows the dustpan to take up less area when it is idle.
    • Built-in Comb Teeth: Built-in comb teeth on the dustpan, you can easily scrape the hair and dirt on the broom into the dustpan without touching the broom with your hands to keep your hands hygienic. In addition, the dustpan has a rubber design, and the bottom can fit the floor very well, so don’t worry that the dust will be swept under the dustpan or won’t get in.
    • Dustpan's Flexible Rubber Lip: The broom and dustpan set's flexible rubber lip conforms to clean all garbage and debris into dustpan, not swept underneath it.Dustpan Locks: Standing dustpan locks in open position for easy emptying , can easily dispose of dustpan's contents into the garbage. compact broom dustpan set design lets you hang the broom and dustpan together on the wall. It is a great way to save storage space.